Process Of A Journey

The greatest speech known to man is from Astronaut Neil Armstrong during the Moon landing of Apollo 11 on July 20th, 1969.

Based on a recorded live feed from the moon to the Nasa base is a four minute audio describing landing  on and surface of the Moon. The particular section I chose was the iconic saying of, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." for my particular project.

Just like the other post that I've created, here is more process:

This is step four of the process:

Here is the rough video for step four of the process:

As the process went further, I've been getting more of a clear idea of what to look for on how to show my interpretation of the speech. I wanted to show the geographic shapes, modern like look mixed in with old video footage, as if you were there in person almost. My research for references and tutorials has begun from this point. 

Here is the process of step 5:

There have been more refinements from the last process. Much more cleaner and the movement of the compositions are actually flowing all together.  Here is another rough video from step 5.

What I learned during all this, is to be sure to give yourself more time to create, but whatever idea you come up with big or small. Nothing is impossible. I thought I wasn't able to create an old timing film like video with a mixture of modern/geometric look, but from the looks of it so far. I've learned a lot. Especially from tutorials, which is another thing to mention. If you can't figure out something, do some research and look at references to help you achieve your goal. I'm glad that I did this project because I realized that I really enjoy motion graphics and would like to learn more.