Introducing A Feature Length Independent Film - "god, grant me"

It's been awhile since I updated, but life has actually been pretty busy over the summer.... or should I say year? Well something new is at hand, and it's marketing for a local independent film here in Lawrence, KS. Written and Directed by Jesse McGinness and William Friederich. The film is called god, grant me.  What's it about? well....
We find Lea, a heartbroken 20-something, in the bathtub. Armed with a snuggie, peanut butter and a terrible movie chalked up with grandiose-romantic-nonsense, she attempts to self-medicate. Adam, her now ex-boyfriend who left “because” of Lea’s recreational pill use, took all the furniture and her sense of purpose along with it. She has to decide what to make of her life now that the one that she “decided on” has moved out.
Then, we meet Silus, an apathetic 20-something, bent over a hospital bed. A recently remissioned cancer patient, he is told by his doctor that he is no longer facing death and his non-existant colon is healing just fine. He responds to the good news by whining that he has to “wait longer to become soil” and continues on and on with his melodramatic siliquoy on the meaninglessness of life.
At what she thinks is her first Narcotics Anonymous meeting, but turns out to be a cancer support group, (his turf) the two star crossed somethings meet. Though their main point of communication is nothing but stabs at each other’s pathetic outlooks, the two awkwardly decide to become friends.
With a heavy focus on connection through flaws and finding reality through fiction, ‘god, grant me’ focuses on how the messy bits of life can lead to a deeper and more lasting revelation. Even more so than those sappy love stories.
How I stumbled upon these two? I would like to thank Henry's Coffee Shop for bringing us together. So far it's a wonderful journey and I would like your help honestly... whenever you have the time, go to their Facebook page and like. Even share some of the posts within the page. :)  These guys have done of lot of work getting to this point, from scratch to kickstarter to here...actually finishing it. It's pretty surreal if you think about it. I never thought I would be part of the film business, but I am. I would like to continue with that. :) Help not only me, but our local independent filmmakers to achieve their dreams. 
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