Reflecting on Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann talks about the development of design and how it has changed over time. It was interesting to hear him talk about the differences in web design and print design, how soon it'll be hard to tell the difference between the two. One reason is that web designers are now using the grids and approaching problems like a print designer. A graphic designer has an image in their head, and creates that image, then works on the details, which is an interesting point compared to how Erik goes about problem solving which is figuring out how it will look on the smallest form of print and then works his way up to the biggest print. I'm glad to know that it's okay when the way I think, but the problem I have is being able to project that onto the form of media, which causes me to get a late start and or become slow because I'm trying to figure how to communicate that idea. I don't know what skill that requires, but I hope to learn it soon.