Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by design Response

This guy so far never fails to surprise me with different views on design, particularly with happiness. I love doing design work, but never really tied with design. I noticed that when I'm studying for an exam, I would think, "I would rather design something so crazy than to memorize something." and during breaks I would be at work and think, "I miss that stress, that need to design something." I don't consider this as a bad type of stress, but I feel that doing design work is something I take joy in compared to doing something else. Yeah it has its challenges, but we got to learn from somewhere. Stefan makes a good point from his list again that changes my view on things:
-Thinking about ideas and content freely - with the deadlines far away
-Working without interruption on a single project
-Using a wide variety of tools and techniques
-Traveling to new places
-Working on projects that matter to me
-Having things come back from the printer done well.

This is just amazing and helps me ease up on worrying about these projects. "worrying solves nothing."