Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a laid back person in the Graphic/Illustration Design world. She is one of those people that were lucky enough to run into opportunities that started everything. Though, she is smart about it and loves what she does by making "stupid" stuff on the side. That just shows how much passion she has towards this field. Talking about her past artwork that got her to the point that she's at now, inspires me to continue working hard. One of her projects that I found interesting was the divorce game because it's similar to the game of Life, which is an interesting game in itself. She tells how real these projects are and how deadlines are actually there and not "existing" for the next step. It's also interesting how she goes about lettering and type design because she compares it to architecture. Which makes since a little because there's a lot of building when making type. The way she goes about doing it, is in Illustrator and uses many ways to create work. One of them happens to be using shapes to create thin and thickness in lines. She made a good point about freelance work and how you have to judge carefully on who you can make free work for because the big dogs may ask for that and you don't want that. You want them to pay you big bucks for your work. Not everything is a charity case and if you keep doing so, you'll be known for a charity case person. um. no.

Here's the link to watch!