Paul Rand Response

Paul Rand is widely known in the world of design. He started his works of book cover design in the early 1950s into the late 1960s. Before, he worked for Magazine designs and had moments where we was able to do anything he wanted as long he interprut what was in the magazine. Rand would usually break the rules when it came to some forms of design. For example, The Tables of The Law image on the cover. He would let the image on the cover hang in the middle while the top is cropped off. His main method of approach when designing is what he called,"the play principal." Which is playing around with the design, materials, and other forms of media to capture a unique book cover design, or in this case, many of his works throughout. I don't know how he was able to do all this back in those times compared to today, particularly new ideas that is not seen else where. That I find interesting, because today there are moments where you create work, but it was already made similarly by someone else. Originality was really Paul Rand's strong point. I mean everyone is original at some point, but during that time, it was ground breaking. It's amazing to see that process. Hopefully I can put something ground breaking on to the table of design. You never know.