Chip Kidd Ted Talk

Chip Kidd is an amazing speaker, as well as a great speaker in the TED Talk. What Kidd mainly does is design book covers and goes about telling how to create such an amazing work. One design that he had made that took me by surprise was the Jurassic Park book cover. I couldn't believe that he created the T-rex that is famously known everywhere. Particularly for the movie, but still...that's part of him that will probably last forever. His main say was, "What do stories look like?"  and how that question is implied to every first step when designing a book cover. First impressions are everything, though we "tend" not judge a book by it's cover, but it happens naturally. Even among people do we tend to judge one another. Understanding the point of view of the novel can also help you with designing that first impression and if you have to, become that "raging alcoholic" and represent the book in a different way that still ties in with the story. It's also noted that it's important to make sure it flows when wrapped around the book, so one can experience "exploration, interaction, consideration, and touch." Chip Kidd is one of many great book designers and is influential to many, specifically me.  I enjoyed this TED Talk. I mean, JURASSIC PARK!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Too cool.