Alvin Lustig Response

Alvin Lustig is one of many great book cover designers back in the 1920s and 30s, but even to this day, his works still have an impact in history when studying successful book cover designs. He is considered to be a modernist of his time for his works went through stages in order to make it unique and stand out among other books. Not only was he a book cover designer, he was also an Illustrator and graphic designer who started his own type studio without going to school for it. More importantly he designed other stuff for others, which includes: Beverly Hotel's interior, an aircraft, and Northland mall. He was mainly typographic with his works in book designing and would sometimes use old works and mix it in with the new or develop a new concept based off that old design. This guy is interesting because he's made an impact on design, but not widely known unless, like me, would go to a design school. I would probably use his approach in mixing things up in a design when necessary for a story, but for sure has inspired me with some ideas.