Essay on Duality

The relationship that I endure with another, is my mother. The nature of our relationship I believe is unique because we are best friends and are always there for each other in the time of need. Though not everything is perfect due to the fact that we are mother and daughter, so of course there are some stubborn moments that we both face. I am genuinely comfortable with my mother when it comes to telling her things that majority of the girls my age are scared to tell their mother. It’s that part that naturally fits well with the relationship of both mother and daughter and best friends.

When it comes to a place that relates to the connection between my mother and I, is the coffee shop because coffee will always be there no matter what. I can be stubborn until I get a cup of coffee. In this case, this seriously ties to my nature of the relationship. The details of my mother are highly easy to identify. She is clever about her jokes that there are times I envy that trait. Creativity is inherent through her as well as me, though she enjoys being challenged and not so much me on this part. My mother is very dependable when it comes to others and as stubborn as she can be, she’ll admit it at times. She takes work seriously and would put all her efforts into that particular work. Even when it comes to other relationships she’ll do the same. Yet overall, she believes that family comes first. 

The significant factor between us, is the strong bond that we have with one another. I love my mother, as caring, loving, and stubborn she can be, she taught me a lot and I can never forget that. My feelings are secure because I know that she’ll always support what I do and be there. This person is truly real to me, especially her opinions. I understand the circle of life, that my mother will eventually leave this world, but I want her to be there for all my life changing experiences.