Response to Camera Lucida

Upon reading this particular article, I find myself very interested in the point that Roland Barthes mentioned about, "It is often said that it was the painters who invented Photography...I say: no, it was the chemists." The reason for my interest is that, I've never looked at photography in that sense of science. The chemist knowing that silver halogens was indeed sensitive to light, yet the painters used their old styles to achieve a new medium of known as "photography," to this day.
I agree that "color is a coating applied later on to the original truth of the black-and-white photograph." With black-and-white it shows the emotion and feeling behind it. This compared to a color photo, which shows the broad area of the photo and not so much of the feeling/emotion.
The most common thing people do is take pictures, which "is not a memory, an imagination, a reconstitution, but reality a past state: at once the past and the real." This, I usually did with my photographs that I took. Only focusing the moment/memory, this is good in some cases, but all the time though. Now that's unusual and could take a toll on how you view the world and/or view the world through the lens.

Like Barthes said to ask yourself "why is it that I am alive here and now?" while taking photos.