Reflection/Response to Sontag on Photography

When it comes to photography, things change a lot. Not only the camera themselves, but the world as well. Especially the way we look at things and actually see what is worth looking at to photograph. I've been noticing more of my surroundings and the details behind it which is a major improvement to me because I'm not really observant. I'm still not, but I tend to notice things that people don't. I believe that this is due to photography. Collecting photos of the world becomes amazing of what was once reality to a documentary of what I see everyday or every other day. What I agree with is that "Photographs really are experience captured and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood."

Anyone can acquire images of their own reality of the world and do lots of things with them. Once published in a book for the public to look at, that view of your reality can be easily misread and tend to lose it's quality. Which is true, but if you want to show the world, that's one of the ways of doing it. Photography is evidence, inspiration, idealized,  etc. it has no understanding because it's an artistic view of the world from the photographer.